Zayac Family

Sandra Zayac wrote this on our facebook wall:

Thank you everyone so much! Theresa and Gabriel love everything!  We feel so blessed - Sandra Mitts Zayac.

Guy Liedkie wrote this on our facebook wall:

Thank you VERY VERY much to all the volunteers for helping my daughter Sandra, and my grandchildren Theresa, and Gabriel.

Shea Palluck

Shea Palluck, while being interviewed by the media about the delivery, stated "tragedy turns into amazement".

Martinez Family

Teresa Gutierrez-Martinez wrote this on our facebook wall:

I'm lost for words only can tell you how much I thank your organization for the happiness you have brought my family.  God Bless this organization I will never forget your generousity.  Much Love.

Jordan Martinez wrote this on our facebook wall:

You guys are awesome!!

Anntoinette Vanessa Rivera posted this on her facebook wall:

We are going to be on fox five tonight!!!!  We are so great full to have the help of close family and friends and the community.  This has been a great Christmas so far! Bad things happen to good people but the karma comes around 10 times stronger!

She also wrote:

God Bless!  The Henderson firefighters came to my mom's house and hooked my brother up woth so many items that lost in the fire.

Dominic Martinez posted a picture of his presents on his facebook wall and wrote:

Firefighters brought all of this in presents for me (;  I'm so happy!

Kristi Dalley

We received the following e-mail from Kristi Dalley:

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: A HUGE Thank You from Dalley's
From: Kristi Dalley
Date: Fri, January 21, 2011 10:15 pm

I get emotional every time I think of that day you came to lift and heal our hearts. I view this day as a major turning point in our tragedy. We felt all the tragic feelings come back when you pulled up with the sirens on but it was quickly turned to joy as you sacrificed your time freely to help heal our hearts and spend quality time with the kids. The replaced toys brought the light back to the kids' eyes that I had not seen since the fire. When you left us that night, hearts were lighter, spirits were lifted and I could tell the healing had begun. Thank you for caring enough to let that happen. All of our love and appreciation, The Dalley family

Justin Williams (Clark County Fire Department Station 73 Firefighter)

Justin wrote this on his facebook wall:

With great challenges in our lives, great lessons can be learned.  I learned so much getting to be a part of FireH.E.A.T.  Getting to replace $2000 worth of toys to a family just lost in a fire 3 days prior.  I am so greatful to be a part of a community that cares so much for one another!  Props to the Fire Alarm dispatchers for starting such a great program!

Brian Burris (Clark County Fire Department Station 73 Firefighter)

Brian wrote this on his facebook page:

Today I had the greatest experience in my emergency services career.  We got to deliver $2000 worth of toys to kids that lost everything in a fire thanks to Operation FireH.E.A.T.  Thanks to Fred and the other dispatchers who started the program with their own money and thank you for letting us be a part of it.

On another post, Brian writes "The lucky people were not the kids or the parents.  The lucky ones were all of us who were able to be a part of it.  It will forever change the way I look at what I do.  I love what I do but all to often it is driven by tragedy and this turned it into a positive for all involved."

Tawni Petropoulos (Otteson) and Stephanie Otteson

The following comments were posted on our facebook page:

Thank you for being such a wonderful organization with kind hearts!!!  You've helped brighten peoples and make their lives easier/better!  The Otteson family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts!!  (Tawni Petropoulos)

From a member of the family that you helped in Tonopah THANK YOU!!  I picked the gift cards up from Tawni this weekend and will be giving them to the family today.  When I told them about it they said to thank you and were completely in awe of your organization and very grateful!!!  (Stephanie Otteson)

Elmore Newbury (Lightfoot Delivery)

10 year old Elmore posted this on his facebook page:

This was the best Christmas ever and I mean it.  I got like 10 or more presents my top three favorite presents are iPod touch nerf guns and my new bike :)(::)(:

Jennifer Ramiscal

Operation FireHEAT - we can't begin to thank you enough.  You went above and beyond and we are TRULY grateful!  We will stay in touch and want to help you with fund-raising in the future to help more families.  Love and blessings to all of you!!  The Ramiscal Family.

Marta Suarez

Thank you Fred for the information [about the upcoming raffle]. A special thank you and to your dept for helping not only my family but also those families in need. We were amazed by what your team did for my brother and his family. his was an eye opener for us as it was also very painful to see my brother loose everything. We thank God that they were able to get out safe. Rigo forwarded the website address and the pictures posted on there brought tears to our eyes. I can’t imagine the emotions that run through you and how you and your team hold up when helping these families. Believe me my brother is very grateful for all you’ve done for them. He always reminds us of the website and that we need to go on and donate. He talks very dearly of you. God bless you and your team. We will definitely make arrangement to make it out there [to attend the raffle drawing party].  Again thank you for all you’ve done for my brother and his family.

Le Li DeLeon

X-mas eve, a day we will never forget...but in place a day we will always remember how truly everyone came as 1!!!! Can't thank you guys enough for bringing the energy and love you guys did. Especially when it felt as though our world was comming dwn. You guys will always be carried in a special place in our hearts.

LVFR Capt O'Hara

Hello All,

As of May 2009, the Stringer family has come a long way towards recovery from the devasting fire.

At this time I would like to personally thank all of those folks that assisted in any way during our families time of need.  I would like to especially thank Mike Mossel, Nate Pehcacek, Nino Galloway and the other members other the burn foundation for all of there personal attenion and assistance.  A special thank you to all the dispatch and communications division personnel for their donation from the " Dispatchers Fund".  Thank you to Kyle Cardinal and Charlie Lee for assistance with furniture and all of the other incredibly generous members of our department for all they do.

I have many times seen the brother/sister hood in action in assisting those in need but this is the first time I have witnessed first hand how truly generous, caring and giving you all really are.  God bless all and thank you again.

Gavin O'Hara